Grade 8




POSIE, a tall and heavy teenage girl is standing in her bathroom looking unimpressed. She turns from one side to another. She tucks her shirt in and out of her pants; turns side to side and fiddles with her hair. She looks disappointed.


Why do I look like Mrs. Tritakis?


(mimicking Mrs. Tritakis in a Greek accent)

Posie,  reference books are for photo copy only. And no potato chips inside here.


She stares at the mirror with her arms folded and with a scowl on her face. He eyes widen.


(still mimicking Mrs. Tritakis) And you always making the crumbs.


Posie walks into her bedroom and throws her blazer on the floor.She plops on her bed and starts writing in her diary.


Well, it looks like I will be going to grad as Mrs. Tritakis. Why can’t they make dresses for me that don’t look like I borrowed it from my 79-year-old Grandma?

Posies Dad ROGER, a gentle mannered man with a salt and pepper beard and glasses, walks into her room and sits on the edge of her bed.


Oh good! You’re writing. Keep it up.

Posie looks up from her diary looking at Roger rolls her eyes and smirks, then continues to write in her diary.

Roger reaches into his pocket and takes out a five dollar  bill.


Here. So you can get yourself that lipstick.

Posie looks up again at him. She takes the bill and chuckles.


Thanks for the big bucks, Daddy.

Roger sighs, gets up and heads for her bedroom door. He gets to the door way, turns around and looks at her.


Well Posie, it’s the best I can do for now. I can get you a whole colour wheel of lip sticks as soon as Grandpa’s estate closes.

Posie nods her head and looks reflectively at the tattered five-dollar bill.

POSIE (in a softer voice trying to holdback emotion)

Grandpa didn’t even have an estate. He just had had house.


That’s just a fancy word business people use hon.

Posie shrugs rolls her eyes as Roger starts to leave her room. He turns around suddenly leans on the door frame and sighs.


And Posie, you don’t need lipstick, okay? Your Mom never wore lipstick and she was beautiful. And you know, you look just like your mother.

Posie flashes an awkward smile and gets back to her diary as Roger leaves and closes the door.


Goodnight, hon.

Posie smiles sweetly at Roger and gets back to her journal.


Well, I’m sure Mommy wore a dress to her grad, and I’m sure she looked amazing. I will never look amazing.

Posie closes her journal and lies on her side. She is staring at a Mariah Carey poster on her wall, and then over to the windowsill to a picture of her mother when she was in her teens-a slender beautiful light haired girl. Tears start to well up in her eyes. She rolls over onto her back and rests her hands on her stomach; then squeezes it. Posie gets up and walks out of the room.


Posie is sitting on the couch watching TV in the dark. She is eating Doritos out of the bag and drinking Pepsi out of a two litre bottle in between hand fulls of chips.



Posie and her best friend SHELLEY are eating lunch in the yard day of graduation. Shelley has beautiful light blue eyes, chubby cheeks and teenage acne. They are both eating fries and gravy from take out boxes and watching the boys play soccer. Posie has her eye on JEFF, her crush. Jeff has rosy cheeks and hair like Leonardo DiCaprio, circa Growing Pains.


So, Ryans mom is going to their cottage for the weekend. We’re all gonna go there after the dance. I think he can get beer, maybe even some coolers. You’ve gotta come.

Posie takes another bite of her fries and gravy. Shelley opens her can of coke; eyes wide and jaw dropped




Um, ya! It’s gonna be so fun. And oh my God Jeff got has to come.

Shelley puts down her can of coke. She sighs, then lies back onto the grass looking up at the sky.


My Mom is not going to let me go to Ryans if his Mom isn’t home.

Posie gives Shelley an annoyed look. She closes up her fry box and lies down next to her. They both look up at the sky in silence, contemplating.



Shelley, you just don’t tell her man. Just say you’re gonna hang out at Ryans house after the dance.

The soccer ball rolls over to Posie and it bumps her thigh. She sits up and grabs the ball. Jeff is running over to get the ball, sweaty and panting. Posie smiles and tosses the ball to Jeff and he catches it.


Thanks Posie!

POSIE (smiling wide and goofily)

No problem!

Posie turns and looks at Shelley with her jaw dropped. Her eyes rolls back in her head and she places her hand on her chest and fakes passing out, letting out a dreamy sigh.

Some of them are looking back at Posie and Shelley. Shelley sees that they are laughing and blowing up their cheeks and using their arms mimicking being a fat person. Shelley curls her lips, slants her eyes and slightly shakes her head disgusted with this display…Posie sits up suddenly.


Ooh! I forgot, I have a flakey!

Shelley looks at Posie with an concerned look.

Posie eagerly takes a Flakey out of her backpack, tears it open and takes a bite. She’s giving Shelley an inquisitive look.





Posie looks across the field for Jeff and the boys but they’ve walked out of site. Her shoulders drop slightly with disappointment. Shelley gets up and starts to pack up her lunch trash as Posie is lost in her flakey, staring across the field.


Posie, she’s gonna want to call his Mom. She doesn’t know Ryan.


Just tell Mommy Dearest that you’re staying at my house. I mean you totally can. My Dad doesn’t care. And well, my Mom is dead so you’re set!

Posie closes her eyes and laughs heartily. She starts to get up and drops the rest of her Flakey.



Shelley looks at Posie with a look of empathy.


Posie is wearing her grad outfit sitting on the toilet seat, as her sister BECKY is helping her curl her hair.


Posie, who the hell is Mrs. Tritakis?


Ugh, never mind. How is it looking?


Almost done, hang on.

Becky carefully wraps a lock of Posies hair around the  curling iron barrel.

Posie is looking up at her in anticipation.

Becky lets go of the curl. She tilts her head to the side examining the job she’s done on her sisters hair.


Ok, thats good.

Posie stand up and they both face the mirror. Posie sighs heavily and and looks unimpressed as usual.


Ok, so I don’t look like Mrs. Tritakis.

Becky smiles and puts her hand on Posies shoulders looking proud of the work she just did.


I look like a Rabbi.

Becky drops her hand off of Posies shoulders and scowls at her.

They are still looking in the mirror, Becky tilts her head to the right re-examining Posies hair and nods slightly, confirming Posies comment.


Jeff and the boys are in the parking lot behind the school.

They are all dressed in semi formal wear for grad night. A few of them are smoking cigarettes. Jeff opens a bottle of Mountain Dew and chugs half of it. Then he takes out half an empty bottle of vodka from his coat pocket and pours it into the half empty bottle of Mountain Dew.

CHRIS pulls out a pack of Dunhill cigarettes from his coat pocket. He stands out like a sore thumb, wearing a white suit with a blue silk shirt and white tie. He has a face full of freckles and his two front teeth are oversized; like a rabbit. He pulls out a cigarette, lights it up and takes a draw.


Ha, good man Jeffery, good man.

Jeff smirks and shrugs. Then he takes a swig from the bottle, coughing after he swallowed it. He wipes his mouth.


Ah, my old man was passed out…he’ll just think he drank it when he wakes up in the middle of the night going for a second round.

The boys chuckle.

Jeff swigs from the bottle again, trying not to grimace, he passes it DIMITRI.

Dimitri takes the bottle and cautiously brings it to his mouth, and takes a small sip.

He turns away from the boys and spits out the mixture onto the ground. All of the boys start laughing and Jeff, smiling empathetically, pats Dimitri on the back. Dimitri passes the bottle back to one of the boys i the group.  Chris is trying not to laugh; he is almost breathless.



The laughing settles down. Chris pulls out what looks like to be another cigarette from the pack. He then holds it up to show the boys with a proud toothy grin that he’s holding a joint.


Premium herb, boys.

Some of the boys smile, some drop their jaws in surprise.

Some of them laugh nervously as Chris lights up the joint and takes a hit with ease. It’s obvious he’s done this before.


Man, you think the chicks will be wearing slutty dresses?


Yes!/They better!/Aw man, totally./Fuckin’right, guy.

Chris passes the joint to Jeff, who takes it reluctantly.


Hey Jeff man, you think Posie will be wearing a slutty dress? Maybe she borrowed a tent from Canadian Tire.

All of the boys laugh. Jeff is coughing violently after taking a hit of the joint. Chris puts his arm around his shoulder.


(trying not to laugh in hysterics)

Hey man, maybe you can bang her after the dance. Then you can tell us all what it’s like to fuck a whale.

The boys laugh hysterically and gleefully pass the bottle and the joint around. The libations have loosened them up. Jeff, looking embarrassed and annoyed grabs the bottle from Chris.


Whatever man. Not my fault she’s in love with me. We’re just friends. And besides…

He takes a hearty swig from the bottle, finishing it off.


Jeff motions his head upward with a nod, looking across the parking lot as he swallows the mixture

..she’s friends with Mary.

All the boys look over.


MARY, a typically pretty girl, is waving good bye to her parents as they drive off. She is wearing a white satin dress that looks like a slip.

MONTAGE (Poison by Bel Biv Devo starts playing) – The boys are staring at Mary in awe.

Mary is smiling and walking in slow motion towards the school, hair, and boobs bouncing.

Chris’ slicks his hair back and nods at Mary and grins widely as he takes a drag from a cigarette.

Dimitri is fidgeting with his tie.

Jeff has his arms crossed taking it all in as a big smile spreads across his face. He raises one of his arms and waves at Mary. Mary coyly smiles and waves back.


The boys nod in agreement, insinuating rationale for Jeff maintaining a friendship with Posie.

DIMITRI Dimitri is glazed with a light sheen of sweat; tie loosened


Slutty dress.



(smiling) Yeah.


Shelley and Posie are in the gym drinking cans of orange C Plus and the dance is in full swing. Posie reaches into her purse and pulls out a tube of lipstick.


Thanks for letting me borrow it. Saved me five bucks!

Posie and Shelley cheers in solidarity.


Ok good. So can I borrow a few bucks then? Just so I can get home from your place tomorrow? My Mom wont give me anymore money because my dress was kinda expensive.

Shelley steps back and grabs the skirt of her light pink dress and flings it from side to side in delight.


Ya, thats cool. I’m gonna be rich soon. Well, I think. My Grandpa has an estate.

Shelley looks at Posie confused.


But, your grandpa lived in a house across the street from me.


Well no you see its…

Mary walks up to Shelley an Posie looking excited.


Mary Campbell. She’s ok- for a hot girl. Big boobs, flat stomach. She slept over this one time, and I was staring at her when she was sleeping. Not like lesbo staring at her though.

I was just wishing I could find that skull that Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage found in that movie Vice Versa and trap her in a room.


You guys! Who should I dance with to the next slow song? Kostas and Jeff asked me to dance with them next. I mean, they’re both cute. But Kostas wears cologne. And honestly, Jeff kinda smells like weed and boozy Mountain Dew.

Posie and Shelley look at each other as Mary re-applies her pink lipstick looking in her mint green Cover Girl compact. Posie looks over by the DJ booth and she can see Jeff checking out Mary. She purses her lips an sighs heavily. Shelly awkwardly opens up a single serving bag of Lays from the refreshment table and slowly puts a chip in her mouth. Mary smacks the compact closed.


I think you should dance with Kostas. I mean, he’s tall…


Jeffs tall.


He’s wearing a real silk shirt.


Jeff’s wearing a silk shirt.


Well, I heard from Rachel that when they were dating last year she used to give him hand jobs. And he’s got a  really big dick. And pecks.

Mary drops her lipstick. Shelley covers her mouth laughing trying not to spit out her chips and nudges Posie on her shoulder.


(shaking her head and rolling her eyes)

You’re gross.

Vanessa Williams’ Saved the Best for Last comes on. Mary turns around abruptly. She makes a bee line for Kostas.

SHELLEY (laughing)

You did that on purpose you bitch.

Posie shrugs her shoulders and takes a chip from Shelley’s bag of Lays. Jeff walks over to Posie and Shelley. Posie is about to grab another chip but she stops as soon as she sees Jeff approaching.


Hey Shelley, hey Posie.


Hey Jeff. Great suit!

Jeff looks down at his dull white silk shirt and faded black tie. He blushes a little stumbling a bit from the libations he had earlier.


(chuckling) Thanks!


Whats up? Want a C Plus? A Coke? Chips?


Actually, the boys and I were thinking of ditching this lamo dance and go down to Pizza Hut.

Posie looks at Shelley with an excited and surprised expression.


Oh cool! Well ya lets g-


(interrupting Posie)

I just wanted to see if you had a few bucks I could borrow.

Posie feverishly fumbles through her purse. Shelley gives Jeff a look of disdain as she slightly catches his eye. He looks uncomfortable, as if Shelley could tell he was taking advantage of Posie’s feelings for him. He starts fidgeting with his hands in his pocket.

Jeff brushes his hands through his hair.

JEFF ( COTND)  Hey Posie, uh hey it’s cool..

Posie holds up her five dollar bill earnestly.



Jeff slowly smiles. He takes the five and puts it into his pocket.


Cool! Thanks Posie. Really. Really, thanks.

Jeff leans in and gives her a hug. Posie is so surprised she forgets to hug him back right away. She then embraces him tightly and closes her eyes and smile. Shelley stares at them; her eyes are bugging out of her head.


Is this happening? Like, really is it?

He doesn’t smell like weed andMountain Dew. Mmmmm he smells like cinnamon hearts and baby sweat.


Oh my god, like any time. So, are we walking or taking the bus?

Jeff looks down at his shoes for a moment. Then he looks up and smiles and Posie. He brushes his hair back with his hand and looks around the gym nervously.



Posie looks at Shelley searching for excitement in her face, but Shelley’s arms are folded and she is clearly pissed off. Posie quickly turns away from her and back to Jeff waiting for his response.


Yeah, we’re probably just gonna walk…but…I


Okay, its not too far. We’ll meet you at the front doors in like, five minutes?

Jeff looks behind his shoulder and sees Chris, Dimitri and the other boys impatiently waiting and motioning their hands to hurry up.

JEFF (awkwardly)

Mmmmm. Yeah, alright. See you in five.



Jeff rushes off towards the boys. They mess up his hair an shove him around playfully as they leave the gym.

POSIE      (CONT’D) (to Shelley)

Ok, how are you not totally freaking out? Jeff invited us to go have Pizza! With  all              the guys!


Um, hello Posie, what about lending me that five bucks so I can get home from your house tomorrow? And like what about the party at Ryans? I told my Mom I was staying at your house! Where the hell am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to tell my Mom?

Posie rolls her eyes at Shelley and fumbles through her purse again. She pulls out a ten dollar bill.


Dude, I’ve got it covered. My Dad gave this to me after the ceremony as part my grad gift. I mean I’ll get more this summer from that estate thing of my Grandpas. But anyway, this will cover us, so lets go!


Posie, hat planet are you on? He didn’t even invite you. He didn’t invite us. He just wanted to get money from you. He knows you like him y’know. I mean, it’s so obvious. You stare at him enough all bloody day. And all of the boys make fun of you. You’re just asking for it.

Posies’ jaw drops. She squints at Shelley in disbelief of the words that just came out of her mouth.


Shelley, just go home to your stupid Mom, ok?

Posie storms away and tosses her almost empty can of C Plus into a garbage can, but she misses so it bounces off the rim and hits the floor. Some of it splashes up onto Shelley’s dress. The D.J puts on What About Your Friends by TLC.

Shelley is fuming mad. She grabs a napkin from the refreshment table and dabs her dress. She crosses her arms and looks around the room, frustrated. She then looks regretful and sad in the direction Posie walked away, who is now out of sight. She starts for the door of the gymnasium.


Posie is standing outside of the front doors of the school.

She adjusts her hair and then she starts frantically looking in her purse for the lipstick she borrowed from Shelley, wanting to reapply it for her pizza date.


Shit. I gave it back to her. Ugh.

A few kids enter and exit the doors; and Posie smiles and waves. She is looking around for Jeff and the boys but she sees no sign of them.


Oh my god. I can not believe I am going out for pizza with beautiful Jeff. Shelley is just totally jealous. I mean, he hugged me and everything. And everyone could see…there’s no way he would’ve just done that to…

Posie hears a door open to right of the school. Laughter erupts from multiple male voices. Posie furrows her brow as she steps into the parking lot to get a better look. She sees Chris, Jeff and the other boys running towards the street.


Come on man, hurry up! We’ve gotta ditch her fat ass-she’ll eat all the pizza!

Posie drops her purse on the ground. Her face turns a crimson red.


Now would be a good time to die.

…to be continued

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