Video Didn’t Kill This Radio Star

Last night Mike and I had a party. It was a time, quite a time indeed. It was special for me in particular to see how many friendships I’ve made that have lasted throughout the years as a result of slingin VHS and DVDs. 

Literally everyone that attended last night was a friend and former coworker, or a friend I stumbled upon as a result of my video store friendships that I made fourteen years ago. I was 24, and it was my first job working for the man. I was starting my first year of college, and and I’d just moved into my very first apartment. I was embarking on all of these firsts, all while living in my newly minted 160 pound body for the first time. I was starting a new life. It was all so new, and so incredibly exciting, and nauseatingly terrifying. 

Evan told me today that I keep us all together, us – these now grown up video store kids. I must say, having you all in my life for as much or as little as I see you, please know that you changed my life. You gave me laughs, lessons and experiences that helped shape who I am today and how I see the world. I want to thank you for trekking on the GO Train, sitting in traffic, schlepping from the west and from the east, and springing for Uber surge just to enjoy an evening with me, even if I’m no longer a Danforth dweller. Here’s to us. 

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